In a Twitter Q&A earlier (Sept. 19) with the nmemagazine, Marr replied to several lucky participants.

In particular, one of our own Twitter followers askedIs there any chance of working with Noel Gallagher?

Marr replied: [Grinning maniacally] Wait and see.

You can look back on the Twitter Q&A right now at NME.

Marr also previously revealed that back in the early days of Oasis that the ex-Smiths guitarist had actually loaned Gallagher two guitars:

1) A Les Paul Marr wrote ‘Panic’ on 2) And another make (which is not known) that Marr wrote The Queen is Dead with.

Marr said he never got either of the two guitars back.

He explains, I went to see a couple of their early shows and it was literally like 12 people and a dog and a few of their friends. He asked me what I thought and I said to him: ‘Well, you’ve taken a long, long time in between songs tuning up, you’ve just got to get another guitar.’ And he said to me: ‘Well that’s alright for you, you’re Johnny Marr, and I’m on the dole and I’ve got this one guitar.’

He continued, I thought: ‘I’ve got to give him something that’s pretty cool so I gave him a Les Paul that I wrote Panic on and did quite a bit of Smiths stuff on and he just fell in love with it. He wrote a few songs on it straight away and he just kind of bonded with that guitar and it meant so much to him.

Listen: Johnny Marr chats to BBC Radio 5

Noel Gallagher in Studio recording new ‘High Flying Birds’ album no. 2 (date is unknown)

Shared September 19 2014

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